Loose nuts

Aug 2, 2021


The trend towards zero waste & resource-savings is gaining traction in Belgium. Delitraiteur subscribes to this trend. We chose to work with a small artisan producer located in Lot-et-Garonne, in the south-west of France:Les Vergers d’Escoute.

Delitraiteur has entered an exclusive partnership with the Vergnes family for the supply of all our loose nuts.

Our supplier selects their products very carefully. For example, they make sure to use larger fruit. This applies to almonds, cashews and pistachios, for instance.

La famille Vergnes transforme elle-même les fruits secs dans ses ateliers.

The Vergnes family processes the nuts themselves in their manufacturing facilities.
The nuts are flavoured with spices or herbs, coated in copper kettles for a perfect finish, dry roasted – no fat added. Alternatively, the nuts are mixed to obtain balanced and original flavours, resulting in premium products.

For example, go nuts for the cashews flavoured with lemon thyme or curry, a surprising delight!


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