Flavours of the world? A world of flavours!

Sep 9, 2021

At Delitraiteur, more than 200 types of ready meals are prepared for you every day. It only takes a few minutes in the microwave for you to sample dishes from all over the world, in restaurant quality and priced from € 6. Quick, book your table in India, Japan, Morocco, Mexico, Thailand, China, …

You can expect a few new dishes…

6 new dishes will delight your most demanding taste buds:  

> Vegetarian Tikka Massala, this staple recipe of Indian cuisine is now also available in its light and tasty vegetarian option.

> Duck served with fresh garden vegetables, , delicately sliced on a bed of white rice, drizzled with a delicious caramel sauce.

> Kefta meatballs served with their incomparable bulgur (cracked whole wheat) and a perfectly paired side dish of tomatoes, coriander, parsley, onions and cumin.

> Chicken in a creamy green curry sauce with rice and spring vegetables garnishes.

Beef Tagines, full of Mediterranean sunshine, enhanced with dried fruit and served with delicious rice mixed with vermicelli.

> Chili Con Carne, true to the Mexican traditional recipe, served with fried rice for an explosion of spicy flavours.

Whether it’s for your lunch, or to eat, at home, a dish you would get in a restaurant, you’ll have only one problem: too much choice!

Enjoy the trip, your gastronomic discoveries, your meal!

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