No idea what to eat? Don’t worry, Delitraiteur is here to help and advise you. Whatever the time of day, whether it’s for breakfast in the morning, lunch at noon, snacks, the aperitif, the evening meal or dessert, we have loads of delicious ideas for you to discover without delay.

Recipe for 3 panini sandwichesPanini is a complete tasty dish. This crispy toast sandwich meets all desires. We offer you a recipe for 3 panini breads with a filling based on smoked salmon from our supplier Dawagne and goat cheese from our famous refiner Julien Hazard. Products from Delitraiteur!
Veggie and airyThese vegan meatballs will surprise you! The crispy oat crust gives the pink lentil core an instant light texture. Especially when oven baked.
Bowl of Chia with Fruit and GranolaEnjoy different combinations depending on the season: red fruit and berries in summer and exotic fruit in winter. Consider almonds or hazelnut milk as other delicious alternatives.
Chocolate French toast cakeThis is the perfect dish to enhance leftovers, and will be even tastier if you use croissants or pains au chocolat from the day before. Depending on your mood, add apple or pear slices, the perfect combination with chocolate.