PumpGin – Princesse Vampire

Oct 14, 2021

Pumpkin Gin? It’s tasty, it’s Belgian, it’s original and you’ll find it at Delitraiteur!

Le Pumpgin Princesse Vampire is the brainchild of a father and his three children who didn’t know what to do with their exceptional pumpkin harvest. They were advised and helped by the master distiller of the Biercée distillery, the biggest and most renowned in Wallonia.

Characterised by a beautiful amber colour, this gin gets most of its flavour from pumpkins which grow in the Brussels garden, fertilized by the family’s own horse manure.

The gin is named after one of the inventors’ famous ancestors. And her story is rather fascinating, as we can see from this Diary of a demonologist … Princess Éléonore Élisabeth Amalia Magdalena, born in 1682 in the Kingdom of Bohemia, was a princess of the Czech nobility, of the Lobkowicz house and, by marriage, of the Schwarzenberg house. All her life, she was was suspected of being a vampire and legend has it that she inspired Bram Stoker who, in his famous novel Dracula, describes a princess of the vampires… who goes by the name of Éléonore!

This year, the Pumpgin was awarded

 > The bronze Medal a the New-York International Spirits Competition 

> The Silver Medal  at the London international competition

> A score of 18/20 by Eric Boschman, who is the undisputed reference in the filed.

Try it during this period of Halloween, and later think of buying it as a gift or a personal treat.  

After all, when originality rhymes with quality, it’s maximum enjoyment guaranteed! Even in (a little) moderation…


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